Grapefruit Complex (1-OZ/30-ML)

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Ingredients: Grain alcohol, Grapefruit, Whiskey, Raisins, Cherries, Cacao nibs, Cinnamon sticks, Angelica root, Dandelion leaf, Other natural ingredients.

Each artisanal bitter flavor is created by infusing various herbs, spices, and fruits in an alcohol solvent, typically for 30 days. This draws out as much flavor as possible. They are then double filtered and aged in clay pots. This gives them superior flavor and drinking quality because specific chemical reactions occur as they steep.  You only need a few drops added to your drink of choice.

For ideas on how to use bitters in alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or dishes, see our blog above. Recipe ideas are also included with every order placed.

Bitters make things better.