Ginger Tonic with Gooseberry Armageddon Bitters

Dr. Bob Palais is professor of mathematics who is also a recreational bitters maker. He created this amazing drink in late 2021. It has a surprisingly smooth taste with just the right combination of ginger and spice. 


1 shot ginger liqueur (we recommend Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur)

2 to 3 dashes of Grandeur View Bitters Gooseberry Armageddon bitters

1/2 cup tonic water


1.  Coat a double rocks glass with Gooseberry Armageddon bitters

2.  Fill the glass 1/4 full with ice

2.  Add ginger liqueur and swirl lightly

3.  Add tonic water and swirl lightly

4.  Top with a splash of simple syrup if desired

5. Serve garnished with a lime wedge

Bitters make things better.